Fresh Technologies UK Ltd was founded in 2005 to supply innovative packing solutions for the fresh produce industry. More
The global appeal and ease of use is why our products now have such a commanding presence in the major produce markets worldwide. To ensure thorough service and support for the products, Our product range is sold through a network of agents. More

Fresh `n´ Smart Technology

Fresh n Smart Technology slow down the natural ageing process by removing harmful gasses whilst ensuring that produce does not dehydrate. Our nanotechnology significantly increases permeability allowing ethylene and other harmful gasses to escape, which considerably reduces the rate of ripening. More

Fresh `n´ Smart Technology

Our nanotechnology help the fresh produce to develop its own optimum and sustainable environment, resulting in a longer life, and more importantly, prolonging freshness. The fresh produce industry can now use road and sea transportation in the knowledge that produce is going to remain fresh as the day it was harvested. More

G’s Marketing Naked Icerberg Trial

The aim of this trial to achieve longer shelf life on loose naked iceberg using Fresh'n'Smart extendable life liners and to supply the customers a more market friendly fresh produce isle while improving packaging waste. More

WRAP Broccoli - Interim Report, Writtele College

The aim of this trial is to compare the performance of SmartLiners to the current procedure (no liner) measuring various quality parameters, including weight loss, colour, odour, butt browning and respiration. More